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Boehner’s Tax Bungle

13 Sep

It’s common knowledge that the best the GOP and its de facto leader John Boehner are ideologically bankrupt and bereft of ideas. The best they can do is gainsay anything the President proposes. He naturally vehemently opposed the restructuring of the tax cuts (of course he did – they would have affected his constituents and paymasters – the rich). Now the orange-faced one has buckled.

While much of the weekend was devoted to remembrances–political or not–of the 9/11 attacks, House Minority Leader John Boehner made headlines for a policy statement. Speaking to Bob Schieffer of CBS, he said that while he thought tax cuts instituted by President George W. Bush should be extended for all Americans, he would support a package that extended them only for people earning less than $250,000.

I guess he was against it before he was for it …

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George W. Bush The Worst President Ever.

4 Dec

As far as his performance on foreign policy and the economy, George W. Bush must surely be the worst ever President of the USA.

And the American people agree. Bush’s latest quarterly average is among the worst Gallup has measured for any president since 1945. For the 252 presidential quarters for which Gallup has data, only 9 are worse than Bush’s most recent.


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Obama Won The Final Debate

15 Oct

No doubt about it. At times I almost felt sorry for angry old man McCain. Obama was poised, condidered, Presidential and eloquent. McCain, well, he talked about Plumber Joe.

Don’t just take my word for it though. The online polls (even from Fox News) agree that Obama prevailed.

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