Sarah Palin’s Homer Moment. d’Oh!

10 Aug

Welcome to “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” This unintended outtake from the half-term governor’s new reality show is evidence that not all her neighbor’s are enamored. A teacher in Homer, Alaska greeted Palin and her entourage with a huge “Worst Governor Ever” banner. Palin – flanked by pie-loving private security and husband Todd – engaged the critic in a conversation:

“You swore on your precious bible that you would uphold the interests of this state. And then when cash was waved in front of your face you quit.”

“Oh, you wanted me to be your Governor. I’m honored.”

Palin at first attempted to win another convert with her folksy charm, but then let her snark slip through the harm. She shared a snide exchange with her daughter Bristol (unwed, teenage mom turned abstinence spokesperson –when the woman revealed she was a teacher.

Here’s Sarah Palin making an ass of herself on YouTube.

She also sure believes in taking the law into her own hands … On the public dock, private security patted down private citizens. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure from their government. Private security searching private citizens in a public place, doesn’t fall under that category. It’s a bit more hinky.

Whether it was TLC or the Palins who contracted security, under what authority did they operate in a public location? Were they looking for weapons? Well, now there’s a Second Amendment issue.
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