Spiritually and Morally Bankrupt: O’Reilly Harassment

27 Mar

Last Saturday, March 21, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly sent two of his employees to stalk, harass, and ambush ThinkProgress.org Managing Editor Amanda Terkel. Upset over a ThinkProgress report that noted O’Reilly’s insensitive comment towards a rape victim, O’Reilly dispatched his producer Jesse Watters, along with a cameraman, to stake out Amanda’s home in Washington, DC, follow her for two hours across state lines, and ambush her while she was on vacation in Winchester, VA. O’Reilly then used  a small portion of highly-edited footage he obtained from Watters’s ambush interview to falsely claim that Amanda was bringing “a lot of pain and suffering” to rape victims. Unfortunately, Amanda is just one of roughly 40 different victims of these kind of ambush tactics. Indeed, O’Reilly has hired producers whose primary job is to track, harass, and intimidate anyone whom O’Reilly perceives as an opponent or an enemy. That’s not journalism — that’s a mafia-style intimidation operation, and we need to put an end to it. ThinkProgress has launched a campaign asking O’Reilly’s major sponsors to issue a clear statement opposing O’Reilly’s Harassment Machine. Please consider joining this campaign here.


UPDATE: UPS just pulled their ads and more power to them.

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