Jindal: The Party of No

25 Feb

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) delivered a lackluster Republican response to President Obama‘s address last night, following the now familiar Republican pattern of being able to define themselves as against the President. Jindal also “defended the virtues of small government that he said even his own party had abandoned in recent years.”

Last Friday, in a move of disingenuous hypocrisy, Jindal announced that he would reject roughly $100 million in unemployment assistance from the federal recovery package, claiming the temporary unemployment aid would eventually lead to a tax hike on businesses. Jindal’s decision ensured that at least 25,000 unemployed Louisiana residents would not be eligible for unemployment insurance. However, in 2005, as a congressman representing Louisiana, he co-sponsored a bill extending temporary unemployment insurance — similar to the type he now opposes — to those who found themselves unemployed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Further, as the Wonk Room reported yesterday, in Louisiana 430 people lose their jobs every day.

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