Sarah Palin’s Buttock-Clenchingly Embarrassing Couric Interview

30 Sep

Oh dear. The Republican party wheeled out Sarah Palin again in front of CBS’s Katie Couric, to explain – inter alia – her comment that “the U.S. should absolutely launch cross-border attacks from Afghanistan into Pakistan to stop a terrorist attack.” That’s directly counter to McCain’s stance and actually very close to what Barack Obama said in the first debate.

In the interview Sarah Palin comes across as a total lightweight (no comment) and McCain even interrupts to answer questions for her! Incredible!

I think there is now no doubt (if there ever was any) that she is utterly unprepared to be Vice-President, and the second-most powerful person in the USA. The fact that McCain selected her is a testament to his terrible judgment and lack of respect for the high office he seeks.

You can watch a clip here (scroll down a bit).


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