Sarah Palin Naked Conversations (Thank God For Jon Stewart)

9 Sep

In his book “Naked Conversations” Robert Scoble talks about how Social Media and the blogosphere means that brands are now “naked” to consumers, and have to be transparent to survive (look at the Nike “Sweatshop” fiasco to see how the blogosphere has changed things).

This is also true of politics … its impossible to cover up (in this case) directly contradictory statements, as someone will find them, edit them together and post them on the internet… which is just what Comedy Central did …

This video has been around for a few days (and been widely viewed) but I felt I had to have it on the blog. Stewart exposes the double talk and hypocrisy of the Republican party and some of its supporters in the wake of Sarah Palin’s appointment.

It would be flabbergasting to think that the GOP think they can get away with this … except that they seem to get away with it the whole time!


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